Mount Royal Archaeological Site
136 William Bartram Drive, Welaka 32193 Putnam County (386) 467-9709

Mount Royal has been a favored location for people to live for thousands of years. First observed by William Bartram in 1765, the site was excavated by archaeologist Clarence B. Moore in 1893 and 1894. Moore found that the site included a Native American Burial mound, earthworks, a village area, and a Spanish mission, Antonio de Enacape, occupied by Timucua Indians. Moore unearthed an embossed copper breast plate, polished stone tools, pearl and shell beads and decorated ceramic vessels. The mound was constructed between 1250-1500 AD. The mission was built by the Jesuits who left in 1572 and then was occupied by the Franciscans from 1573 to 1587. Archaeologist B Calvin Jones salvage excavations at the village site in 1983 and in 1994-1995, revealed evidence of six structures. These buildings contained Spanish artifacts and were part of the Mission of San Antonio de Anacape (1587-1675)

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